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Member Mastermind - August 2017

August 2, 2017 @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

What is the CC Member Mastermind?

CC Member Mastermind is all about celebrating your wins - from new sleight-of-hand techniques to booked gigs - and answering your questions about any, and every, aspect of your magic.

It’s time for a summer block-party here at Conjuror Community!  This ever-popular, live event is a chance to rope off the streets, crank open the hydrants and have an energetic, spontaneous experience that is totally dedicated to our membership’s exploration and development of high-quality, commercial magic!  It’s a huge deal and it’s a whole lot of fun!  

A Mastermind session is all about accomplishing your goals with your magic!  You are going to have the opportunity to have your questions answered in real time, candidly and constructively by our knowledgeable and professional panel.  You are also going to share in a wealth of first-hand, real-world experience and hard-earned strategies and tactics that you can immediately apply to your magical tradecraft.  And, you are going to have a fantastic time doing it!

As a CC Member, you have the opportunity to ask your questions live, in real time, or by posting them in advance in our CC Online Group.  

And whether you have a burning question about your magic, or you just want to join in the fun, you’ll discover a wealth of powerful information that’s guaranteed to fuel your magic.

At the CC Member Mastermind, we will:

* Celebrate Your ‘Wins’ - When one member of CC wins, we all win!  Sharing positive experiences with our Community of recognized experts, passionate practitioners and dedicated students of the art of magic helps us all to remain inspired and keep our drive alive!  

* Share Your Challenges - It all ain’t sunshine and lollypops, folks!  We all have stories of inconveniences, big mistakes and downright failures that we might be tempted to keep to ourselves.  But, by letting our guard down in a Mastermind Session, and sharing the problems, we not only have the opportunity to learn from our own mistakes, but to learn from the mistakes of others which can feel a whole lot better!

* Give You Answers - We are here to share what we’ve learned in our lifetimes of dedication to the performance of real-world, practical magic.  If you have a problem, an obstacle or a spot where you’re stuck, there is a 99.9% chance that we’ve  been there and can easily show you just the right way to remedy the issue.  Just ask!

The CC Member Mastermind is also a chance for you to:

* Share Your Magic - We want to see what you are up to, and there is no better time or place than CC Member Mastermind!  Whether you are aching to show off the fruits of your labors to an astute audience who will appreciate the slights your lay audience will never even imagine happened, or you are unsure of something new that needs some constructive and supportive attention from a kind and knowing set of eyes before it ever sees a lay audience, CC Member Mastermind is exactly where you need to be!  It’s what we’re here for because it’s what we love!  

*Share in The Magic of Others -  Even if you feel like you just want to hang back at the edge of the party and chill, you are going to be absorbing ideas, tactics, and the warm experience of this incredible Community event.  Whether or not you choose to perform, you are going to walk away with more valuable stuff than you can comfortably carry, because….

Like any great block party, you and your generous neighbors are just going to bring too much to devour in one evening.  You are going to be packing home some leftovers in the form of:

* Sleights, Tricks, Routines & Presentations - Everything is on the table and you are invited to ask us about ANY aspect of magic that you would like. We are here to share our favorite training strategies, tactics and methods that are absolutely guaranteed to get you the exact results you are looking for!

The CC Member Mastermind is more than just a regular old magic meeting - it’s a Community Block-Party!

You won’t know exactly what to expect, because we don’t know what to expect!  This is a party, so it’s not scripted.  The event is not just live, it’s ALIVE and will take on a life of its own!  We’re just going to turn up the magic and see what happens.  CC Member Mastermind is always an experience that you will want to be there for and we are certainly looking forward to seeing you attend!  

Of course, as usual, if you need to relive the experience at a later date, a recording will be lovingly preserved in the Back Room, available as soon as possible after the event.  

NOTE: After you register to attend, CLICK HERE to request a performance slot. Performances Spots are limited - and they’re first come, first served. So sign up now - and we’ll notify you the Monday before the event if you’ve been selected.

And if you don’t get a spot this time - you’ll be first on our list for the next CC Member Mastermind Session!

Don’t miss this one-time event! Join us for “Member Mastermind ” hosted by the Conjuror Community Team!

Where: Conjuror Community Live
When: August 2nd @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST

Conjuror Community Members please login to see the registration button.



August 2, 2017
10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Conjuror Community Live


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