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Las Vegas Shuffle School

November 15, 2017 @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

In this Finer Points, join Alex Slemmer, Aaron Fisher and the Conjuror Community Team as they lead an in-depth workshop where you’ll discover an astonishing 3 phase routine that starts with a demonstration of skill -- and then crosses over into pure astonishment!  

First, you’ll discover our approach to Darwin Ortiz’s routine The Vegas Shuffle. In it, your audience gets to discover the hidden secrets of Las Vegas’s elite gamblers, followed by a magical ‘punch’ they’ll NEVER expect.

To start, you offer to demonstrate the secrets used by the world's most talented card mechanics to shuffle a deck while maintaining its order. You openly separate the red cards from the black ones, and then give the deck a simple overhand shuffle. Then you spread the cards on the table…

...and the red cards are separate from the blacks.

Now you offer to repeat the demonstration using a ‘casino standard’ table shuffle, designed expressly to prohibit shenanigans! You slowly, cleanly shuffle the halves together...

...and the red cards are STILL separate from the blacks.

And if were the whole show, everyone would be amazed. But in this act, you’re just getting started.

Up to this point, you’ve demonstrated ‘skills’. You’re about to perform MAGIC.

Under the cleanest possible conditions, your audience watches as you shuffle the red cards into the back cards -- face-up, under challenge conditions.

That’s right. Your audience sees the red cards clearly go into the black cards!

It’s so fair, and so clean, your audience will swear to it. And this time…

...the results are flat-out astonishing!

This miracle is so memorable, we’ve been performing it for nearly 25 years - and at this edition of Finer Points, we’re going to share it all!

You’ll get detailed teaching that covers every step and stage of this blockbuster routine, including the special details we’ve acquired over two decades of performing this timeless effect.

Please Note: The Vegas Shuffle can be an incredibly easy routine to perform. That’s part of what makes it so wonderful. This trick LOOKS like it takes years of practice to perform, but the essential parts of this routine are EASY to do.

So we’re going to use this special opportunity to offer our members a comprehensive ‘shuffle workshop’, that’s guaranteed to level-up your game, no matter how long you’ve been performing magic.  

In the the Las Vegas Shuffle School, you’ll get in-depth training in 3 Card Magic Operating Systems you can use to add new dimensions of wonder to any card magic you perform, including:

* Tabled Riffle Shuffle Secrets that allow you to shuffle the cards like a true professional. Once you experience this training, you’ll have an EASY way to look like a top flight card mechanic - and you’ll be able to start using this shuffle immediately.

* Overhand Shuffle Operating Systems we’ve taught to our Miracle Men Method Owners for years. In this workshop, you’ll be treated to new cutting-edge training training tactics that can transform your whole magic ballgame. Even if you’ve used the Overhand Shuffle for years, this secret material will transform your magic overnight.

NOTE: If you like card tricks at all, this is must-see training!

* Zarrow Shuffle Simplified Strategies will teach you the EASY way to perform the most popular tabled false shuffle ever devised. You’ve probably heard that this shuffle is difficult to do, but when you join us for this in-depth workshop, you’ll discover the difference CC training makes - and we promise, your audiences will thank you for it!

So join us for this action packed event. You and your audiences are about to receive the most entertaining and astonishing Las Vegas ‘Education’ you could ever ANY price!

Don’t miss this one-time event! Join us for “Las Vegas Shuffle School” hosted by master magician Alex Slemmer and the Conjuror Community Team!

Where: Conjuror Community Live
When: November 15th @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
Price: $20/ Advanced Tickets
(Note: Conjuror Community Members get to attend this event at no charge.)

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November 15, 2017
10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Conjuror Community