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Section 1 - Build Your Foundation

Video 1 :Aaron discuss the correct way to hold a deck of cards

Video 2 : Aaron shows you how a small change with your left thumb will improve your magic straight away.

Video 3: Aaron explains why he recommends the OHS and teaches some tips on how to run the cards

Video 4: Aaron talks about the overhand shuffle control and teaches the correct way to perform it

Video 5: Aaron teaches an exercise to improve your OHS - The Overhand drill

Section 2 - Develop Your Soft Touch

Video 1: Aaron talks about learning magic by focusing on only one or two things at a time using the OHS as an example and gives you an exercise to practice shifting the gaze

Video 2: Aaron discusses the correct technique of transferring a left little finger break to your right thumb for the overhand shuffle

Video 3: Aaron explains why you need a soft/light touch when performing card magic

Video 4: Aaron gives you an exercise to help you develop a light touch

Video 5: Aaron teaches an exercise to help learn the tabled riffle shuffle

Section 3 - Simple Essentials Techniques

Video 1Aaron discusses and teaches the two hand glide and why it is so important to learn to switch cards from the bottom

Video 2Aaron talks about the robert houdin break and teaches his simplified robert houdin break

Video 3: Aaron talks about breaking up your double turnover to cover it and make it more deceptive so you don't get caught

Video 4: Aaron talks about the differences between the double lift and double turnover

Video 5: Aaron teaches the misdirection that make your crossing the cut force more deceptive

Section 4 - Crucial Concepts

Video 1Aaron teaches how to riffle the cards with the left thumb and the correct finger positions and  having a bevel in the cards

Video 2Aaron talks about the benefits of the dribble and teaches how to dribble the cards properly and the correct finger positions

Video 3: Aaron talks about bridge size cards vs poker size cards and why you should use poker size cards

Video 4: Aaron talks about how to work with terrible cards and gives examples of some effects you can use with bad cards

Video 5: Aaron talks about how to make sandwich tricks more deceptive by changing the moment

Section 5 - Painless Practice

Video 1Aaron discuss learning card magic in stages and upgrading your magic as and when you have new techniques down

Video 2Aaron talks about how to practice properly and why you should practice in the same circumstances that you will perform in

Video 3: Aaron talks about the importance of making a checklist when learning a new sleight

Video 4: Aaron discuss how to test your magic

Video 5: How you need to be like a detective to be a good card man and how paying attention to the details will give you the clues to improve you sleights/techniques

Section 6 - Paper Engine Favorites

Video 1Aaron performs a Nowhere pass variation - demonstration only

Video 2Aaron shows how the nowhere pass can be used to get a card to the 3/4 card from the bottom of the deck

Video 3: Aaron Performs the illusion control - demonstration only

Video 4: Aaron performs a simple trick designed to show off decking the top - not taught

Section 7 - Paper Engine Beyond

Video 1Aaron performs an unpublished diminishing lift by Larry Jenning to demonstrate how to be more creative.

Video 2Aaron performs his handling of the diminishing list

Video 3: Aaron discuss the invisible pass and angles and uses the outlog herman shift to explain

Video 4: Aaron shares simple exercise on how to get a break unseen when bring two halves of the deck together - this will help your pass be more deceptive.

Video 5: Aaron shows a new ending to the Graduate and encourages you to find it in the paper engine - demonstration only

Section 8 - Hungry For More

Video 1Aaron talks about deck switches and gives you some examples to look up and the discuss how the audience add the real cover to deck switches

Video 2Aaron shows you how to get a better tilt illusion

Video 3: Aaron talks about the importance of a good foundation when learning card magic and uses the houdin break as an example

Video 4: Aaron talks about changing the moment and teaches an effect where he has changed the moment

Video 5: Aaron teaches the proper finger positions for dealing position